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     paint in a modern realist style; preferring the rich colors of acrylics and the immediacy they afford me.

     Currently I am exploring the theme The American Love Affair With Food. I've always been fascinated with the subject. Most people glance quickly at what might be in front of them on the dinner table. I like to study the nuances of colors, shades, shadows, reflections and textures, from the simplest olive in a martini to the complexities of an entire meal. 

     I believe paintings should pique curiosity, tantalize and encourage you to probe further and I invite the viewer to stop and see a familiar world in a new and unique way.

     Food can be every bit as beautiful as a lush landscape or an intriguing portraiture.

     I tend to look at life with a sense of humor that is reflected in much of my art. Whether the spectator is a vegetarian or on some strict diet, I'd like to imagine their smiling faces when viewing one of my 'meals' or rich desserts. I want the observer to 'smell' the aromas or be tempted to run a finger through the whipped cream in a painting. As a child I probably played with my food. I guess I still do.

     Anyone can savor my work without paying the high price of calories. Bon Appétit.

The United Tastes Of America



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